Pantomath is here to help and entertain! Interactive keyword detection GIF's, random facts posting and Wikipedia or Urban search commands.
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    aggressive, banana, bear, best, bird, birthday, bite, blush, boom, broccoli, burn, bye, carrot, cat, catastrophe, chicken, coffee, cola, congrats, cookie, cow, cuddle, curse, dance, deer, destroy, divorce, dog, duck, eats, egg, fair, fanta, fart, fight, fine, fire, fish, flex, fluffy, fox, fried, giscord, handhold, happy, hello, highfive, horse, hug, hurt, joy, kill, kiss, laugh, love, mad, marryme, nachos, okey, owl, pain, pan, party, pat, penguin, pepsi, pig, pizza, poke, police, pout, problem, punch, quarantine, rabbit, rude, sad, selfie, sexy, shots, shrugs, slap, smoke, sniff, soup, spy, starwars, stoned, style, taco, tape, thanks, tickle, toilet, trauma, triggered, trouble, weeb, weed, welcome, what, wolf, wow, yeet

    Random Posting

    .df (Date fact)︱.mf (Math fact)︱.yf (Year fact)︱.ins (Inspirational)︱.cn (Chuck Norris)

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    .wiki (Search keyword on Wikipedia)︱.urban (Search keyowrd on Urban Dictionary)

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